Brian Lang’s Been Digital So Long It Feels Like Print to Me

“Been Digital so long it looks like print to me: text technologies, authorship, and orality”

Brian Lamb
Project Coordinator, Office of Learning Technology, University of British Columbia

Brian will raise questions about particular qualities of digital and paper-based text; redefined notions of authorship and authority online; how the different media direct attention and affect cognition; information overload; and impacts on higher education (teaching, institutional and epistemic authority). He’ll then open the floor for plenty of discussion!

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Brian’s approach endorses the massive movement to blogs and wikis. But he also acknowledges that the approach to personal publishing raises some difficult questions about authorship, ownership, filtering. Yet those difficult questions also represent opportunities for new work.

Brian points to this useful piece: Jill Walker, [“Weblogs: Learning to Write in the Network”] — an interesting piece on the use of the blogs and teaching students network literacy.

Brian also points to the idea of a “remix” culture that is a major part of the digital world. [Texts, music, images]

He notes that at heart blogging is about the “power of positive narcissism.”

Great talk!

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