A Surreal History Mashup Moment

So, I’m just wondering how good Google’s directions to the Lost Colony are. I guess their search engines really can find anything….

[This comes from an interesting attempt to build historical maps using the My Maps function on Google.]

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  1. Very cool. My Maps is a pretty fun program. Kati Singel has been using this application to re-create the route of Spotswood and company for the journey of the “Golden Horseshoe.” Take a look here.

  2. Cool indeed…and in the spirit of mashingupping, there are two projects, now closely interwoven, that could provide great data: DBpedia, the datastore of Wikipedia available for semantic web query, and Geonames, which provides lots of geographical data.

    The cool interface of My Maps isn’t there, but data a’plenty!

  3. Pretty daggone cool, Dr. History. Now see how it does with El Dorado.

  4. Very interesting stuff. It echoes (and then some) the geotagging scene I’ve seen on Flikr. For my favorite example of the moment there, just help yourself to a bowl of noodles…

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