Jim Groom & Claudia Emerson Redux

Jim and Claudia presented (neither for the first time at Faculty Academy) on an online literary journal created by one of her classes. Calling Nonce impressive does not do it justice. Check it out for yourself.

[Nearly 40 people crammed into the room to hear them–Standing Room Only….]

One particular point raised by Claudia that intrigued me was the notion of applying to change that particular class from 3 credits to 4, allowing for a “lab” component (or perhaps recognizing the increased time that developing and implementing some of these skills may take). [I’m aware that there are some complications related to campus expectations for what constitutes a four-credit course. Let’s set those aside for a second.] What do people think about the idea of a “digital lab” component for more credit?

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  1. We’ve thought for years that some of our courses in economics should be 4 credit including a one credit lab. This makes a lot of sense given that much of what we do involves students doing hands-on application of what we teach.

  2. I’d like to get rid of the credit system all together, but I applaud the idea of of a lab component for a Humanities and/or social science course.

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