Finishing Up the Semester with a Big Thank You

It has been an incredible semester.  We’ve opened an amazing building that thousands of people have already used, submitted one grant and are working on another, created a new First-Year Seminar that 7 of us will teach next fall, opened a new Digital Knowledge Center with students helping other students with technology questions, begun a process of assessing where our students are and would like to go regarding digitally enabled learning, created a new major in Communication and Digital Studies, and so much more.  I’ve also taught two classes, advised dozens of students, and started a new section of the team-taught, inter-institutional Century America class with my colleague from UNCA, Ellen Holmes Pearson.

My dual roles as Professor of History and American Studies and as the Special Assistant to the Provost for Teaching, Technology, and Innovation has been made possible by a network of amazing people at UMW. This post is just an attempt to document that network in the most basic way and to say thank you to each of them.

  • My colleagues in the new Teaching, Technology, and Innovation Unit that I now oversee.
    • Mary Kayler, Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation
    • Jim Groom, Executive Director of the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies
      • Lisa Ames, LMS Administrator & eLearning Specialist
      • Martha Burtis, Director of the Digital Knowledge Center
        • Student tutors of the DKC
      • Ryan Brazell, Instructional Technology Specialist
      • Tim Owens, Assistant Director of DTLT
      • Andy Rush, Coordinator of Academic Media Production
    • Leah Tams, Admin Assistant
    • Cartland Berge, ITCC Building and Digital Auditorium Manager
  • The ITCC Building Committee — who designed the building over a six year period (and many of whom have stayed on as part of the Building User’s Group).
    • Rosemary Arneson, University Librarian
    • Jack Bales, Reference Librarian
    • Martha Burtis, Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies
    • Hall Cheshire, Interim Chief Information Officer
    • Gary Hobson, Capital Outlay Director
    • Nina Mikhalevsky, Professor of Philosophy
    • Allyson Moerman, Associate Vice President for Finance and Controller
    • Cedric Rucker, Dean of Student Life
    • Leonard Shelton, Associate Capital Outlay Director
    • Jerry Slezak, Director, Information Technology Support Services
    • John Morello, Associate Provost (committee chair)
  • The many other people in the other units in the ITCC
    • Gwendolyn Hale, Writing Center and Writing Program Director
    • P. Anand Rao, Associate Professor of Communication and Speaking Intensive Program Director
    • Amanda Rutstein, ITCC Office Manager
    • Deb Hovey Boutchyard, Director of Network & Communication Services
    • David Dean, Director of Data Center Services
    • The whole team of IT Support Services
    • Keith Mellinger, Director of the QEP
  • The many people in Capital Outlay, Facilities, UMW Police, Housekeeping, and Emergency Management and Safety, especially Joey Straughan.
  • Jonathan Levin, Provost
    • The Deans and Associate Provosts of the Academic Affairs Council
  • My patient colleagues in the History and American Studies Department, who have put up with my being away from the halls of Monroe more than I first envisioned.
  • Debra Schleef, Steve Hanna, and others outside my department who have listened to me talk endlessly about security, contractors, and building management issues,
  • The students in my US History in Film and History of the Information Age classes, who reminded me constantly of the mission of the institution and why I love teaching.
James Farmer on ITCC Media Wall

James Farmer video created by UMW students displayed on the new ITCC Media Wall — See for video.

I have so many people to thank, so my apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone.  But it should be clear that if I had a good semester, it’s because I work with a large, amazing network of colleagues.  So thank you all.

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